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How we breathe 

influences how we feel, and how we feel 

influences the

decisions we make.

Discover How to Use 

Your Breath as a Powerful Tool
for Stress and Anxiety Relief

"Learn to control your breath, or let it control you"

"Since taking Campbell’s online assessment and now regularly practicing the breathing techniques, my migraines have disappeared, I am no longer taking pain medication and my sleep has improved."


- Cameron


"Campbell’s online session has woken up my mind and body. It has helped me to feel less stressed and more organised in my life and helped me to reassess my priorities."

- Shelagh


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What Is 


And How Will It Help Me?

Breathwork is a dynamic mind-body technique that gives us access to the deeper layers of our nervous system and physiology. Using specific breathing techniques we are able to bypass the mind, quiet the mental chatter and achieve a state of optimal physical, emotional and psychological balance. 

This online package includes a deep breathing breathwork session, comprehensive assessment and education of the physical and physiological components of breathing, and how to use breath as a tool to directly affect the nervous system and mind.  During our first call, you will receive:

1 (1).png

Comprehensive, Personalized Breath Assessment

2 (1).png

Brief Education on
Components of Breath



Guided Breathwork to move from the Stress Response to the 

Relaxation Response

INCLUDED In This Package:

Personalized Breathing Protocols | Ongoing Email Support | Follow up Phone Call for Implementation

How Do I Know Breathwork is for Me?

Do You Relate To Any Of The Following: 

High levels of stress or anxiety?

Often get 'caught in thought' worrying about the future?

Looking for tools to optimise your physical and mental health?

Inability to ‘de-escalate’ or calm down following stressful events?

Looking for a tool to move from a state of dis-ease to wellness?
Eager to drop into a relaxed state of mindfulness?


Breathwork Can Help:

Decreased Energy

Inability to ‘Switch-Off’

Heightened Anxiety

Poor Sleep




You Will Learn:
How your Breath is affecting your body and your mental state

How to breathe in a way that enhances physical and mental health

How to create a physiological intercept

(break the loop of negative thought)

Real-time tools to regulate your state (how you feel)

Your tolerance to stress and how to improve it


As a physiotherapist I understand the importance of optimal movement, posture and physical exercise, but nothing comes close to the importance of optimal respiration

Looking to learn more?

Visit my website.

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