Corporate Wellness

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Breath Workshops for Optimal Health and Wellness

A breath workshop is a time efficient way to enhance energy, performance, emotional wellness, and team  development. The knowledge and practice of breathwork gives team members the ability to create a balanced outlook, improve self and situational awareness, open communication and strengthen relationships.

In May 2019 the World Health Organization recognised “burn-out” as an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

Learning how to self regulate, manage stress, improve readiness, and increase energy is critically important in and out of the workplace.

Online Breathwork Experience or Wellness Webinar

Your Team Will Learn:

How breath affects the nervous system, immune system and physiology.

How breath can contribute to, or alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Easy to implement practices to build self and situational awareness.

These educational and experiential sessions will provide an opportunity for teams to connect, discover the power of their breath, and learn real-time tools to effectively combat stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Workshops

Personal Development
Stress Management
Performance Under Pressure
Access Group Flow
Improve Concentration and Productivity
Energy Management
Unique Team Building Experience
Improve Mental Health

- Mission Australia

"We were looking for a workshop that could support staff to build resilience and cope better with stress. Having already participated in many resilience /self-care workshops in the past I thought this was something different and tangible that staff could put into practice. The feedback from all staff at the end of the workshop was very positive and they all got something out of the breathing exercises and plan to incorporate them into their home and work life. I personally got a great deal out of it and the benefits are immediately evident after the first breathing activity. Campbell has a very relaxed and engaging teaching style and his passion and belief in the topic is immediately evident. The entire team got great deal out of it and felt it was a great team building experience."


- Johnson & Johnson

"I lead a small team which focuses on addressing critical patient needs especially related to requests for unapproved medicines when patients have exhausted all other treatment options. This work is very stressful generally and even more so in this time of COVID 19 pandemic patient challenges. We look for opportunities for the team to learn helpful life skills and this class came highly recommended from family and friends in a wide age range. My entire team felt the breathing education was very helpful in learning how to deal with stress. Here is a direct quote from the team: “Campbell’s breathing session provided a welcome respite from the stresses of our current environment—highly recommend for individuals or team participation. Everyone thinks they know how to breathe, but you are guaranteed to learn something new!"

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Employee Wellness

Re-wiring the Body and Mind

The purpose of a corporate workshop is to share the basic underpinning of how breathing affects our internal state and is an underutilized resource on the path to wellness. 


The way we breathe sends a message to our brain and nervous system, this can be a message of anxiety and stress, or balanced perspective. It is often assumed that because breathing is automatic, we need not pay it any attention. However breathing is the only system in the body that is both automatic and under our control, and it is when we take control that we can make powerful changes to mind and body.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness helps to support a healthy mental state and overall well-being and encourages employees to feel and perform at their best at work. A holistic outlook to managing wellness will not only improve engagement, it will drive productivity and create a positive environment for all team members.

Corporate wellness events give employees incentives, tools and strategies to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A workshop is comprised of team building workshop activities, plus it can address multiple employee concerns including stress reduction, energy and productivity, work-life balance, posture, pain and more.

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