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12 Week Breath & Lifestyle Program

Learn how to ignite the power within yourself through breathing techniques to optimise body and mind.

Why Begin With The Breath?



Our breath influences our nervous system, emotional state and internal landscape. It is connected to SO many systems in the body. I'll help you connect those dots through your breath.



Optimal breath patterns and deep breathing exercises strengthen the connection to our body (intuition) and our heart (passion). It will help you to take control and understand your body more fully.

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Education goes hand in hand with experience. You will not only expand your knowledge, but you will also access 'altered states' to release blockages and reach our highest potential.

Enhancing the connection between the mind (conscious) and the body (subconscious) allows for powerful and lasting change, whilst the implementation of simple breathing techniques opens the doorway to living a more conscious and connected life. Conscious breathing means awareness of breath, which is awareness of self, affording us greater insights into our environmental and emotional triggers.

How Does The 12 Week Program Work?

The body has an extraordinary capacity for health when given the right opportunity and environment and this program is about creating that environment.

A few areas we may focus on, which I have found are needed in most people:

  • Breath: the ultimate regulator of the body and mind, functional & therapeutic breath

  • Body:  how we move, deliver nutrients & remove waste, physical maintenance

  • Nervous System: the operating system, sleep/wake cycles, stress/relaxation

  • Stress: using stress to your advantage, teaching the body adaptability

  • Emotion: self-regulation, energy drains vs. energy wells, power of the heart

What's included in the program:

  • Deep Dive Call into your history & current situation

  • 5 x 60 min 1:1 sessions 

  • Videos and exercises for each module

  • Workbook PDFs with instruction and education

  • Breathwork recordings

  • Access to 5 week online breathwork course

  • Accountability check-in (I'll be in your corner, providing motivation and support!)

  • All modules tailored to your specific needs

Problems may arise differently for each person, but often stem from a dysfunction in one of the above pillars. However our aim is to take focus off the problem and put focus on creating health in the system.

Throughout the program we will also explore mindset, neuroplasticity, the immune system, and daily habits. Note that emphasis on most pillars is structured around specific breathing techniques.

We spend 2 weeks on each pillar, and I provide you with individualised protocols. It requires commitment to put the tools into practice, but if you do, you will see results.


Holistic Approach to Wellness

For so many, we are stuck in our head. A well-rounded approach to wellness with a main focus being the breath creates abundance because breath reconnects us to our body, mind and heart. Learning to direct our attention, our breath and therefore our energy affords us greater control over our physiology and psychology. Optimal breathing brings balance to the nervous system, draws us fully into our body, opens our heart and expands our sense of self and situational awareness. Get out of your head and into your body, and take back control of your sleep, stress, energy levels and more.

Who Can Benefit?

No matter what your goals, understanding and utilising your breath as a tool will fast track your progress in many facets of your life.  I can work with you to:

  • Manage anxiety and stress

  • Create balance in your mind and body 

  • Accelerate personal development

  • Reconnect to yourself and to others

  • Regulate emotional state 

  • Facilitate emotional release

  • Enhance focus and concentration

  • Improve sleep and relaxation

  • Create energy and motivation

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