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Restore Breathwork

Learn how to ignite the power within yourself through optimal breathing and lifestyle changes to balance body and mind.

Why Is The Breath At The Core Of This Program?



Our breath influences our nervous system, emotional state and internal landscape. It is connected to SO many systems in the body. I'll help you connect those dots through your breath.



Optimal breath patterns and deep breathing exercises strengthen the connection to our body (intuition) and our heart (passion). It will help you to take control and understand your body more fully.

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Education goes hand in hand with experience. You will not only expand your knowledge, but you will also access 'altered states' to release blockages and reach our highest potential.

This isn’t a typical coaching program.

We are not trying to ‘fix’ a problem. Instead we are learning to create the environment of health and letting the body take care of the rest.

If you know what you need right now is personalized coaching and not another cookie cutter program, keep reading…

This program is for you if you are sick of your health being in the hands of someone else, telling you what to do, instead of teaching you how your body works.

What's Different About This Breathwork Program?

The body has an extraordinary capacity for health when given the right opportunity and environment and this program is about creating that environment.

Instead of specialised treatment (a medical model that separates people into different groups—with medical decisions, interventions and management being tailored based on their symptoms or disease).

Let me introduce generalised treatment (the application of general principles that increase elements of health across the board).

Rather than targeting individual symptoms or systems, we restore harmony across the whole.

Symptom management doesn’t work.

Waiting until someone has high blood pressure and then prescribing medication to manage that symptom is crazy. Waiting until someone has anxiety and then prescribing medication to numb the anxiety is crazy. Waiting until someone’s stress levels are so high that they burnout and then trying to help them pick up the pieces is crazy.


Reactive health care is crazy. We need to be proactive.

How Does Restore Breathwork Work?

True health comes from more than just silencing symptoms.

Here's what it looks like:

  • Small community (*the power of community is completely overlooked in health)

  • Daily support inside the community platform

  • Personalised Coaching (you are unique, so are your needs)

  • Educational Content (study the curriculum at your own pace)

Here's how it works:

  • Upon sign up you will have a 1:1 assessment and planning call

  • You will gain access to our community platform where everything lives

  • Attend weekly live coaching calls

  • You will begin to build the environment of health in your own life

None of these changes happen over night.

Building health requires dedication.

For this reason, there is minimum commitment of 3 months. If you can’t commit 3 months to transforming your health and changing your life, this program probably isn’t for you.

What People Say About Working With Campbell


Save Your Spot for the Restore Breathwork Program

The Restore Breathwork Program will be open for registration from November 15 to December 15, sign up below to be notified.


There is a limited capacity as I find it curcial to keep the groups small. Save your spot today!

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