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Foundations of Health (Part 2)

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

In a world of complexity, sometimes simplicity is the answer.

There are one thousand and one health hacks out there, but their efficacy is limited if you haven’t created a healthy foundation to build from. Just as putting high performance tires on a car with a broken engine will not provide big results, adding biohacks to a system that doesn’t have the basics covered will similarly not give you big results.

Get the simple things right, and you might not need the supplements, nootropics, and biotech to see results. If you have the basics covered, then by all means use technology and supplementation to create more change, but for those getting started on their health journey, start with the basics.

For so long in our evolutionary history we were in constant contact with the earth. We walked barefoot or in leather soled footwear, we slept on the ground, we spent our time in direct contact with our environment. In the 20th century we have slowly removed ourselves from our environment. From the introduction of plastic or rubber soled shoes, to our houses and workplaces, we now have very little opportunity to feel the earth under our feet. Whether you look at this from an electrical or environmental perspective, we have disrupted the evolutionary norm.

It is known that electrons neutralize ‘reactive oxygen species’ or ‘free radicals’, which are involved in the body's immune and inflammatory response. It is also known that the surface of the earth possesses a limitless supply of free electrons. The electrons from the surface of the earth are able to enter and interact with the body, stabilizing the electrical environment and promoting equilibrium. If you wake up, put your shoes on, drive to work, spend the day inside, drive home, take your shoes off and repeat day after day, this may be a problem. We evolved to be in contact with our environment. This isn’t woo-woo or spiritual mumbo-jumbo, our bodies are continually processing information about where we are, what we are doing, are we in danger, are we safe, and if we never contact the ground, we are severely limiting this flow of information.

When you go outside in the morning to get your sunlight, why not do it barefoot?

If you live in the middle of the city, can you find time to get to a park on your lunch break or after work? Is there a national park close by that you can visit on weekends? Make time to connect with nature again in the most simple of senses.

Feel the ground beneath your feet.

Take off your shoes.



Want to learn more? Get in touch to learn about my 1:1, 12 week program where we cover this, and many other facets of health and how it all connects to the breath.

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