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Fundamentals of Breath Course

Welcome! I 'm so happy you've decided to check out the course. Just for coming to this page, I want to offer you 20% off the course (use the code BREATHE20 at checkout).

Below are the first 3 of 23 videos I offer in this course, all packed with useful and unique techniques.


Should you decide to continue on with the course, note that this is meant to be self-paced, to give you all the time you need to fully understand your breath and the importance of breathing optimally.  


In addition the the videos, when you purchase the full course, you'll receive: 

  • 30 min private session with Campbell (WORTH $150 USD)

  • Weekly PDFs containing more information about techniques

  • Support via email through your journey with the course 

  • A full understanding of several techniques and how to apply them into your daily life

Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


I purchased Campbell's course a while ago, and I am only on week 2 but want to share that it's already been SO helpful! I'm a certified breathwork facilitator but they didn't go into the science or what goes on in the body during breathwork, so I'm loving the course. This work is SO needed.