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If you're wanting to be updated on classes I host in-person let me know below and I'll be sure to reach out with information on NYC events once I return.

Sessions & Programs
Offered Online Year Round

I often work with people 1-1 and in small groups online, and find the effects better than in person. I have several options for people looking to learn how to optimize their health through the breath. Everything within us is connected, and I'll help you to connect it all with breathing patterns, exercises and experiences in the comfort of your own home.

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*Note that I am out of the country for six months of the year, but when I return I hold classes in the NYC and Philadelphia areas. All will be shared on this page or you can check out my online classes with studio in NYC below.


I started following Campbell’s work after hearing about a workshop he would be doing at Spirit Ride. After listening to him speak and share online, I immediately knew I wanted to go and learn from him in person!  His workshop, The Art and Science of Breath, was amazing! The breadth of knowledge he shared about the body, the nervous system, breathing techniques and their histories, applications and benefits was so impressive. He is so genuine and speaks in a way that you know he is truly passionate about his field of work and helping others. The way he guides students through different breathing techniques makes them extremely accessible and easy to do and they have extraordinary results.  After learning from and being guided by him in class, I was so intrigued about all the ways that utilizing these practices could positively benefit my life, and I knew I had to learn more. I plan to take his online course and hope to attend any future workshops he may have. I highly recommend Campbell and his work for anyone who wants to have a stronger connection with their body and mind and greatly. 

Collaboration with Yoga Studios


Online Collaboration
with Yoga Studios

Do you want to provide your community with an educational and experiential workshop that teaches effective tools for stress and anxiety management, sleep, energy, and emotional regulation?​

Breathwork is a natural way to lower inflammation, boost the immune system, and regulate the nervous system. Pairing it with a yoga class or just providing breathing classes to your students will help to diversify your offerings. 

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