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Become an Advanced Health Practitioner, make a greater impact and charge higher prices by learning a sought after skill.

Harness the power of “Talent Stacking” and Resonance Frequency Breathing with your clients to deliver better results, charge higher, and stand out as an expert.

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What you’ll learn:


  1. How to stand out in a market where everyone is selling the same service as you

  2. How to  develop an impactful (and niche) offering within your current field

  3. How to “clear” the mental limits your clients set themselves, so you deliver better results with your expertise

  4. How to use “talent stacking” to improve your client results, and why breathwork is the most powerful talent to have


You’ll also learn about Resonance Frequency Breathing to help your clients with the most pressing issues like stress, anxiety, health problems, and so on.

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