Work With Me

Helping you find structure and balance from within.

12 Week One on One Program

Work with me 1-1 to really dive deep into solutions for optimal well-being. I take a holistic approach to solving issues related to anxiety, sleep, stress, burnout, energy management and more. This is for anyone who is looking for a unique, effective approach to bettering their daily life.

Breathwork for Practitioners Program

This is a 10-week intensive program for health practitioners to learn how to apply breathwork practices to treating clients. Breathwork is a new tool we can use to leverage our understanding of the physical body and mental states, and therefore is a great opportunity for all sorts of practitioners to align their practice with the breath.

Corporate Wellness

Employees and teams deserve to have strategies to be their best selves at work and in life in general. I can show your team how to use the breath in a variety of ways to help with their mental health and I also provide workshops on optimal movement and posture for physical health. 

Wim Hof Method Workshops

These workshops can be transformative for people looking to experience a deep state of consciousness, connection and "inner fire". These workshops vary depending on your requests, please reach out for more information.

Online Breathwork Course & Consult

The 5 Week Fundamentals of Breath Course is a starting point for those who want to learn more about different breathwork principles. This is self-paced and applicable to daily life. You also receive weekly PDFs and a 30-minute consultation with me at any point during the course.