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Certainly we can all use a little more balance in our lives and I was feeling very out of balance as the pandemic eroded my sense of normalcy. I signed up and met the instructor--a soft spoken, warm, encouraging guide who would take us on a journey of discovery. Over the past few months, Campbell has given us the tools and techniques to meet our challenges head on.

Through the breathwork process I have learned to tune into my body and adjust my breathing to recalibrate to a calm, peaceful state. I sleep so much better now and my outlook is definitely improved. I feel balanced, relaxed and yet energized after each session. If you have anxiety, trouble sleeping or just want to gain back a sense of normalcy I encourage you to explore a breathwork class with Campbell.

- Eileen

 Campbell’s breathing session provided a welcome respite from the stresses of our current environment—highly recommended for individuals or team participation.  Everyone thinks they know how to breathe, but you are guaranteed to learn something new!


- Beverly

(Johnson & Johnson)

Since I've started working with Campbell, my ability to not get stuck in a rut, or feel sad about my issues has basically gone away. I still have some healing to do but I am dealing with things much better and sleeping SO much better. It has freed up my days and helped me to let go of my worries. Thank you!

- Clare

My mind is BLOWN. While working with Campbell, he mentioned it would be a reset and he wasn't joking. I wake up feeling rested, ready to start my day with no problem. I am so happy to be doing the Worrier to Warrior program with him. 


- Tania

My mind is BLOWN. While working with Campbell, he mentioned it would be a reset and he wasn't joking. I wake up feeling rested, ready to start my day with no problem. I am so happy to be doing the Worrier to Warrior program with him. 


- Tania

I have always struggled to energise both my mind and body and to lift myself from occasional depression which can create deep anxiety within me. Campbell introduced me to the foundations of breathwork and all that it entails. Campbell is an inspiring coach. He is sensitive, kind and very caring whilst being passionate about the method, the physiology of the body and the mind which is a powerful combination. I highly recommend that you take the plunge (quite literally)

- Nicola

Working with Campbell has been marvelous! As a person with severe anxiety, Campbell
listened to everything I had to say and put together a program that worked to my benefit.
When providing the initial observations, I was able to tune myself with his teachings, and eachweek I was able to see the progress. The main takeaway from working with Campbell is
breathwork is a practice. Every bit of practice brings the body and mind closer to relaxation and
understanding the tiger is not coming out to get me. I learned to differentiate when the
sympathetic nervous system is kicking in, and using breathwork to kick into gear the
parasympathetic nervous system, learned to relax in moments of stress, and use these tools on
a daily basis. Practice, practice, practice! Thank you, Campbell!

- JP

 I cannot recommend Campbell and his teaching methods enough. He makes learning easy and a joy for us to participate in and follow, if you feel at all stressed, depressed or have an illness you just can't shake, do please consider talking to Campbell for his guidance to an improved life.


- Shelagh

In the midst of some of the most challenging and stressful times, our team has made a conscious effort to focus on health and well being. This class was exactly what we needed -- new techniques to help cope with stress and anxiety. Breathing is something we as humans don't spend much time thinking about, but it is incredible to see the impact the various techniques have on both our physical and mental health. In just 40 minutes my body moved into a much calmer state, and since this class I have been actively trying to incorporate these techniques into my daily routine. We surveyed the team after our session and 100% of participants said the breath work techniques were incredibly valuable.

- Erin (Google)

Campbell's 5 Week Breath Course was exactly what I needed to get back on track with my health. The 3 years prior involved starting a business, having my first child and everything in between that had left my nervous system in a state of stress that I felt powerless to switch back off resulting in chronic fatigue and a lot of anxiety. Through Campbell’s course I developed a much deeper understanding and respect for how I was breathing and could see how it was really effecting my state of being. Because of this course I now have the tools to regulate my breath as I need, to nurture my nervous system, to thrive and support what’s going on in my body /mind on a daily basis. The breathing techniques are simple, easy to understand and are absolutely effective.

- Kylie

I had been dealing with post viral fatigue and had been suffering from daily migraines requiring regular pain medication. Since taking Campbell’s course and now regularly practicing some of the breathing techniques, my migraines have disappeared, I am no longer taking pain medication and my sleep has improved dramatically. Thank you Campbell

- Cameron

I started following Campbell’s work after hearing about a workshop he would be doing at Spirit Ride. After listening to him speak and share online, I immediately knew I wanted to go and learn from him in person!  His workshop, The Art and Science of Breath, was amazing! The breadth of knowledge he shared about the body, the nervous system, breathing techniques and their histories, applications and benefits was so impressive. He is so genuine and speaks in a way that you know he is truly passionate about his field of work and helping others. The way he guides students through different breathing techniques makes them extremely accessible and easy to do and they have extraordinary results.  After learning from and being guided by him in class, I was so intrigued about all the ways that utilizing these practices could positively benefit my life, and I knew I had to learn more. I plan to take his online course and hope to attend any future workshops he may have. I highly recommend Campbell and his work for anyone who wants to have a stronger connection with their body and mind and greatly. 

- Lianna

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