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Discover your untapped power through breath, body and mind.


Hey, I'm Campbell.


I believe it's time that we take back control of our mind and body, and the way to do that is through the breath. Breathing is THE one thing we can control each and every day. I'm here to teach you how to move, breathe and live optimally by tapping into the innate abilities of the body, and shifting energy from problems to solutions.

As a physiotherapist I understand the importance of optimal movement, as a breathwork facilitator, the importance of optimal respiration. Building stress resilience through the Wim Hof Method and optimising emotional well-being through HeartMath protocols, I've discovered an extremely well-rounded approach to finding resilience and balance through breath, body and mind.


Struggling With Sleep?

What People Say

"Through the breathwork process I have learned to tune into my body and adjust my breathing to recalibrate to a calm, peaceful state. I sleep so much better now and my outlook is definitely improved. I feel balanced, relaxed and yet energized after each session. If you have anxiety, trouble sleeping or just want to gain back a sense of normalcy I encourage you to explore a breathwork class with Campbell."

Eileen, NYC

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