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The Functional and Therapeutic Breathwork  Program

Become a versatile, in-demand health professional with the power of breathwork.


Master the principles of breathwork, create positive client results and attract more people to your practice.


This program is exclusively for skilled health practitioners looking to increase positive client outcomes, make a bigger impact and add a parallel income stream to your offerings. I understand that the competition in health-related fields can be tough. You want to stand out and create positive results with clients, which is exactly what I was looking to do as well. And in this age of instant gratification, clients are looking to solve their health, mood, stress and sleep problems fast. As a Physio, I felt there was something missing during my work with clients, and I found the missing piece in the breath. Breathing has a direct affect on ALL systems in the body, and I noticed a drastic shift in client outcomes when I began to incorporate it into their protocols. Breathwork is simple and effective, can be individualized, and it fits very well within most health professions -- plus it provides your clients with results they can notice. 

I'm super passionate and excited to have you learn more about our Functional + Therapeutic Breathwork program, created specifically for health practitioners.



Hi, I'm Campbell. I've been a physiotherapist for over a decade working in hospitals and clinics. Five years ago, I tried a breathwork session led by Wim Hof--the biggest name in the Breathwork industry.


But what I thought would be a quick session to feel good was life-changing. It completely changed my outlook on health and performance. This led me to learn everything I could about breathwork and go to Poland to train with Wim Hof. By diving into this practice, I was able to improve my focus, stress, and sleep.


Over the course of the years, I've combined my physiotherapy knowledge with breathwork and have seen profound shifts in my patients. Today, I run my own breath coaching practice with hundreds of satisfied clients, and over the last 12 months I have trained over 80 health professionals to master breathwork so they can become in-demand health professionals.


When creating the Functional and Therapeutic Breathwork Program, we tried to see where other breathwork certifications fell short. We found common issues in many programs:


Most programs teach methods, techniques, and hacks - not principles. They tell you WHAT to do, but they don't show you WHY you should do that. Many leave these sorts of courses with a basic understanding of breathwork and struggle to integrate it into their practice therefore unable to create lasting results for clients.


The methods most programs use don't get to the root of the problem. You may learn how to take people through an amazing breathwork session, but one hour of good breathing is not enough to repair the 22,000 breaths we take in a day, which is what MOST people are needing to fix.


Most programs present a cliché view of breathwork. They present breathwork as laying down in a dark room, crying and yelling out loud. But efficient breathwork can be practiced anywhere: at the office, in traffic, or before bed. You'll learn exactly how to do this for yourself and your clients.


Most programs ignore the safety aspect of breathwork. Many breathwork teachers don't have a background in health. They are not familiar with safety guidelines and can't tailor the appropriate breathwork practice to their clients' needs.


Other programs promise your practice will be "filled with dream clients", but they don't give you ANY business advice. They make you think the certification will pull clients toward you like a hungry crowd. Inside the Functional and Therapeutic  Program, you'll learn about business from someone who is running his own online business successfully. No hopeful theory, but tested material so you can learn how to craft, position and sell your offer to your ideal client AND get them the results they are seeking (we have an entire module dedicated to business).

Between Campbell's 10+ years of experience and motivation to spread these teachings far and wide, we were able to overcome these problems, and created the ONLY program you will ever need about Breathwork.


From a practitioner, to a practitioner.


Keep your
practice safe


Tailor the experience to your client's needs, control the vibe of the room, and create an experience your clients won't easily forget. An entire module of the Practitioner Program is dedicated to safety.

Unique teaching principles

As a Physiotherapist, I like to look at the body as a whole with many systems being intertwined, I teach you how to uniquely incorporate breathwork into many different clinical settings and client situations. We aren't just teaching 'breathwork' and using popular methods. We are looking at breathwork and how it fits into the whole person.

Use breath to its full power


Inside the program, you'll understand how the breath affects the nervous, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems; how it interacts with blood flow, oxygen levels and inflammation and how it improves or hinders focus, energy and stress. You'll learn how breath interacts with each part of the body, and how to help your clients breathe optimally.

Flexibility to utilize it as you see fit 


With this training, you can incorporate it both into your own practice with clients/patients OR you have the freedom and support to utilize this in its own setting as a unique, standalone offering. 

Increase your impact
& profits


Breathwork can dramatically improve your clients outcomes. Inside the Program, you will learn tried and tested methods to create an offer, attract clients, and deliver them transformative results. You will also learn how to introduce Breathwork to your current clients, providing a holistic, multi-faceted approach to their health goals.


Live weekly & monthly calls with Campbell


There are weekly group coaching calls where we'll be able to solve your most pressing concerns in ALL topics: delivering results to clients, breaking down module information, or overcoming a particular problem. You'll also have monthly case study calls to help you understand the application of the breath in real life situations.


PLUS ... 

Free Access for 12 more weeks

After completing the 12 weeks of training, you will have access to the F&T Community where you can reach out to me and the others that are in the program for 12 more weeks. Bounce ideas around, ask questions, brainstorm and keep in touch with a group of like-minded, well rounded professional breathwork teachers. Plus continue to join monthly calls, case studies & breathwork sessions.

Certified Under IPHM

Our program is certified under International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) allows you to practice as a certified breathwork instructor. You're eligible for liability insurance and professional registration. Plus, you will have credibility in the eyes of your clients or patients.

Learn with a Community on a Unique Platform

You will meet and learn from other professionals like yourself who are growing their business and developing their skills. Our community is hosted in Skool, a platform that is simple and easy to use, with no distractions (unlike Facebook).


The program is a total of 3 months of training & study (1 module per week) and includes 3 more months of ongoing support. You get to first experience the benefits of breathwork yourself with a 5-day kickstarter. Then you learn to extend the benefits to others. Take a look at what you get inside the program below.


In the past few years, the popularity of breathwork has exploded. Google searches for the word Breathwork have increased by 900% in five years. In Google Trends, the term “breathwork” has gone from 16 popularity points in July 2017 to 94 popularity points in August 2022. Breathwork is the fastest-growing trend in the health industry. Needless to say, breathwork is a powerful, in-demand addition to any health profession. 

This modality is popular for GOOD REASON, and should not just be a 'trend'. If you're serious about helping others, a deep understanding of this modality will take you and your clients far. There's no better time than now to get started -- it will only help you to unlock innate healing within your clients (and yourself).

Click below to apply to the Functional and Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner Program.




"Best course I've ever done. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I went in really wanting th science behind breathwork and I got much more than what I bargained for. It's been an amazing experience Campbell's a fantastic teacher. The community he's created is beautiful and even down to the platform he uses to host the course has been really easy to navigate.
- Kathleen, Yoga Teacher & Healer 


“Campbell doesn't just teach you how to breathe, he teaches you the science behind the breath and why it's so important. Campbell is so clear and concise and layers on each concept of the breath: anatomy, physiology, safety, emotions. Not just the method, it's a really well-rounded training and it exceeded my expectations. I feel so much more confident in teaching my students about the breath, while also giving them the tool to bring breath into their everyday lives, when they're not on the yoga mat. 

- Sarah, Yoga Teacher


"Many of my clients come to me close to burnout: they're stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, worried. Their nervous system is on high alert. And it doesn't matter what amazing coaching tools I give them to help them make better decisions for themselves. If their system is in a chronic state of fight-or-flight, then it's really hard to make a sustainable change in their lives, in terms of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Campbell gave me the tools and the science behind the breath that I can use with my clients to help them down regulate and make better decisions for themselves. These are tools that every coach or practitioner should have in their back pocket."
- Melody, Mental Fitness & Life Coach


"Within the consulting room, as an osteopath, I find myself identifying dysfunctional breathing regularly. It's almost always associated with high-stress, high-anxiety people, and I can just give them some simple cues to get them breathing more functionally. Within the half an hour I'm with them, they feel lower stress levels, often less pain. It's been super powerful for me. Now I have my own arsenal of breathwork techniques that I can use for myself or for clients."
- Kieren, Osteopath


"The amount of information that Campbell manages to fit into this program is phenomenal. Not only is it engaging but he has this ability to break down information for everyone to understand. I can't recommend this training highly enough, it should be taught in school. So if you're thinking about it, go for it." 
- Grant, Breath Coach


“I've been a yoga teacher for 15 years. I've been doing bodywork for 20 years. I'm so grateful that I signed up. The course has been incredible. The materials are amazing. So informative. In every session, Campbell takes us deeper and deeper into understanding the physiology of what's happening in our bodies as we breathe, and a deeper exploration of more specific breathing techniques, and making sure we know how to teach safely. It was honestly one of the best trainings I've done in the last decade.
- Helen, Bodyworker & Yoga Teacher


"Campbell is really informative, keeps things simple and passionate about what he does. I learned about the physiology, autonomic nervous system, etc. and how dysfunctional breathing affects the body. It turns out that I've been affected by dysfunctional breathing myself. The solution to my health was here on this course so that was an incredible bonus. The community itself and people who took part in the course were just as enthusiastic, it was absolutely brilliant.
- Paul French, Addiction Specialist + Breathwork Facilitator


"One of the things that's been instrumental in the way I now deliver my breathwork practices that I've learned is how functional breathing affects and connects everything that we do and how we show up in the world. I plan to continue using it with my bodywork clients, and it has made me a more well rounded bodyworker. It really connects me with my clients, and allows them to reset their nervous system, which can help me customize a more impactful bodywork session with them. It's been a wonderful and enriching program!"

- Nakia, Bodyworker

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Campbell has managed to strike an amazing balance in providing an immense amount of valuable and relevant information while also keeping things concise and practical. I have such a better understanding of exactly the WHY and HOW of the power of breathwork. I have learned so much for myself and have much more confidence in helping others as well. Campbell is always super accessible and has tons of great resources, I couldn't recommend this program enough! 

- Stephen, Breathwork Facilitator

View our team of F+T Breathwork Facilitators here.


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