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An Intro to Breathwork: Online Course

Discover Simple Strategies To Improve Your Health, Enhance Sleep,

Reduce Stress & Elevate Your Energy.

Week 1 - Intro to the Course

Week 1 - Intro to the Course

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Do you struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep? Do you wake up feeling tired and groggy?

Do your energy levels waiver during the day? Can you be snappy or irritable?

Do you have persistent pain or tension in your body? 

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STOP Using A Band Aid Approach To Solve Your Problems.


You shouldn’t need sedatives to go to sleep.

You shouldn’t need stimulants to wake up. 

You shouldn’t have unwanted pain or tension in your body. 

We have to look a little deeper.

Your breath controls your physiology, nervous system, emotions,

how you think, feel and act, your resilience to stress,

and your ability to feel GOOD in your body.

The breathing techniques are simple, easy to understand and are absolutely effective. This course will literally change your life. Cannot recommend it enough, and to add to it Campbell is just amazing... his knowledge and passion for breathwork is evident in how he delivers the course, as well as holding a safe and supportive space. Full of so much gratitude for his guidance into the incredible world of breathing

 - Kylie 

Over the course of just 5 WEEKS you will fundamentally transform the way you think and feel. How you wake up in the morning and how you sleep at night. Your ability to tolerate ‘stress’ in all its forms. Your ability to move from a state of ‘getting through the day’ to feeling happy, healthy and strong.

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Scientific studies have proven numerous benefits to breathwork including stress reduction, improved concentration and attention, reduced blood pressure, reduced chronic pain and a boost to the immune system. Breathwork is also linked to better emotional regulation, improved sleep, relaxation, and energy.

What's Included & What You'll Learn:

5 Weeks of Guided Online Breath Education

Week 1: Intro to Breathwork

You will learn about the fundamental basics of your breathing and the two pillars of breathwork: conscious breathing and breath awareness. These are simple practices to begin optimising your breath.

Week 2: The Nervous System

Your nervous system is the master controller of your body and how you experience life. In Week 2 you will learn how to use your breath to control your nervous system, and move from states of high energy to deep relaxation.

Week 3: Breath Mechanics

This week you will be introduced to the mechanism of 'how' to breathe optimally. You will learn exercises to improve your mobility and lung capacity and explore the full spectrum of your breath.

Week 4: Respiratory Physiology

You will learn that breathing is more than just taking in air. The complex processes that happen down at the cellular level will be explored and you will take away practical exercises to optimise your physiology.

Week 5: Practical Application

In the final set of videos we will put all of the pieces together and understand the key progressions: Breath Awareness, Breath Control and Breath Optimization. You will also get to experience the power of the breath with a guided breathwork journey.

The above is laid out into 23 videos, all of which are self-paced but broken into weeks to make it easier to digest the information. Note you may move through the course in whatever way suits you best. By the end of the course you will understand how your breath affects every aspect of your life, from stress to sleep, digestion, circulation and more.

Weekly PDFs Included

Each week is accompanied by an instructional PDF that provides supporting information and instructions for the exercises.

It's Time To Take Back Control Over Your Thoughts, Feelings & Actions

This Course Will Help You:

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Breathing IS the Mind-Body connection.

If you feel tense, your breath is communicating to your mind that your environment is unsafe.


Physiology Drives Psychology.


In other words, how you breathe influences how you feel.


Increased stress results in increased heart rate, high cortisol and a dampened immune response. Controlling the breath allows us to control the nervous system, stimulate the vagus nerve and shift the gears from surviving to thriving.

Create Powerful and Lasting Change


For so many, we are stuck in our head.

The benefits of conscious breathing are abundant because breath reconnects us to our body and our heart. Learning to direct our attention, our breath and therefore our energy affords us greater control over our physiology and psychology.

Breathwork is the fastest and most effective way to optimise your health, awaken your full potential and connect with the deeper parts of yourself. In practicing Breathwork you will learn to calm your mind, detox and energise your body, boost your immune system and connect to an elevated state of consciousness.


Meet Your Instructor Campbell

Senior Physical Therapist, Wim Hof Method Instructor, Global Breathwork Educator

I have combined my passion for breathwork with knowledge of anatomy and physiology and have developed a methodology to teach people how to optimise their respiratory system, and how to use it as a tool for improved health and well-being.


My own journey has been one of passionate curiosity, exploring a wide range of breathwork practices and the underpinnings of human optimisation. I teach not only the principles of breath, but also the foundations of health and performance.

To breathe, move and feel 100% is achievable by all.

I felt empowered and a lot more at ease. Being able to use the tools you taught me at any time of day, whether at home or at work to help create a shift and control or navigate away from highly strung situations. Really valuable skills for everyday life.

- Chloe


Well worth the cost! I learned a lot more breathwork and just how important it is. If only they taught me this in school! Campbell was terrific, I gained a better understanding of the content by him explaining his knowledge. I took pages of notes and I have already shared this course with friends who are interested!

- Jason


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I know that optimal breathing can transform your life.


I am confident that the techniques in this course will improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

If you don't notice an improvement,

I’ll fully refund your money with a smile.

Are You Ready To Get Started?
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